EDI (Electronic Devices, Inc) and Covid-19 Update:

As we continue to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic, EDI remains open, operational, and committed to all our customers. Our primary concern is for the continued health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, and their families. We have taken the necessary steps to protect our employees by implementing social distancing procedures, wearing masks and gloves when necessary, sanitizing all office and manufacturing space, providing sanitizers, wipes, etc to all, and working remotely from home when appropriate.

We have determined that EDI is an essential business as per law 202.6 passed  by New York State on March 20, 2020. EDI is a leader in the electronics industry as a manufacture of semiconductors such as Rectifiers, diodes, bridges, and HV assemblies. We support many industries such as medical, military, commercial, power, communications, and all facets of the electronics industry.

EDI has been in business for close to 70 years, we are committed to all our customers in providing a quality product with on-time shipments. Our customer service will always be there for you during this difficult time.

We ask all to keep safe and stay healthy throughout this crisis.